Bath sponge

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any one of several varieties of coarse commercial sponges, especially Spongia equina.

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Some critics joked about Cyrus wearing a bed cover, while others said that she looked like a bath sponge.
List of medical supplies offered: Rolling Walker, Standard Walker, Cane, Quad Cane, Commode, Invacare Walker with Seat, Hemi Walker, 3 Wheeled Walker, 4 Wheeled Walker, Wheelchair, Seat Lift Chair, Bath Bench, Reacher, Bath Sponge Elevated Toilet Seat, Toilet Assist Rails, Walker Basket, Bed Bar, Knee Scooter, Two family members own and operate the business - Condo is personally owned and is available for sale.
The 2-in-l gentle bath sponge includes the massaging soap and the sponge, in a single product, while the line is formulated with marine extracts for softer, smoother skin, so every day can be a spa experience.
A gift from the sea, the luxurious bath sponge will keep you gently clean.
Luffa/Loofah Aegyptiaca, used for centuries by Asian and African cultures as a food source, sponge-like seed pod is also used in various applications such as soaps, mats; and, more commonly, a bath sponge.
This soccer can bring back crowds – even on a field like a soaking bath sponge upon which the heavens sprayed a syphon of merciless rain.
In the bath accessories sphere, Ecotools has also introduced a new, netted Ecopouf Delicate Bath Sponge.
According to Dr Muhammad Halwani, a member of AHC and a consultant in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, one of the leading culprits is your bath sponge.
Spacepop Bath Sponge THIS multi-coloured and rocket-shaped bath sponge is ideal for livening up bathtime, and children of any age will love the bright stripes.
a piece of bath sponge cut to fit snugly in the bottom of the cup
A teetering pile of boxes topples over to represent the Wall and a bath sponge serves as Franz's young son.
A common bath sponge is the key to a new experiment by The Birdhouse Network, a citizen-science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York.