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Noun1.Bathyergidae - mole ratsBathyergidae - mole rats; sand rats      
mammal family - a family of mammals
Hystricomorpha, suborder Hystricomorpha - an order of rodents including: porcupines; guinea pigs; chinchillas; etc.
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Seasonal changes in burrow geometry of the common molerat (Rodentia: Bathyergidae).
1990: Magnetic compass orientation in the subterranean rodent Cryptomys hottentotus (Bathyergidae).
In particular, the differences evident among African mole-rats (family Bathyergidae) suggest that this variation is adaptive, rather than solely a result of the distinct evolutionary histories of the different subterranean lineages.
Some of them are sharp and in all three species they are facing the penile base (proximal directed) as seen in other rodent families: Bathyergidae, which are also fossorial rodents like Ctenomys and Peromyscus from the Cricetidae family (Bradley and Schmidly, 1987; Bradley et al., 1989; Parag et al., 2006).