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 (bə-to͞o′mē) also Ba·tum (-to͞om′)
A city of southwest Georgia on the Black Sea near the Turkish border. On the site of an ancient Greek colony, it is an important petroleum refining and shipping center.


(bɑˈtu mi)

the capital of Adzharistan, in the SW Georgian Republic, on the Black Sea. 136,000. Formerly, Ba•tum (bɑˈtum)
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During the Congress of Berlin held in 1878, the Ottomans and the British signed an agreement under which Britain gave the undertaking that it would support the Ottoman caliphate to regain the Turkish provinces of Kars, Batoum and Ardhan which were under the occupation of the Russians.
Tolstoy sailed from the Black Sea port of Batoum aboard the S.
They left Batoum on January 4, 1899, arriving on Nova Scotia's shoreline on January 27, 1899.