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 (bə-trăk′ə-tŏk′sĭn, băt′rə-kō-)
A steroid alkaloid derived from skin secretions of South American poison-dart frogs of the genus Phyllobates. It is one of the most potent venoms known.

[Greek batrakhos, frog + toxin.]
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The famous neurotoxin batrachotoxin 1 is a member of a family of steroidal alkaloids called batrachotoxins.
Summary: Batrachotoxin, isolated from frogs belonging to the genus Phyllobates, is a very potent neurotoxin and a steroidal alkaloid that has been found to block the Na+ channels in nerves and muscles resulting in arrhythmias or cardiac arrest leading to death.
Keywords: Batrachotoxin, radical mediated reaction, nBu3SnH, AIBN, alkynyl stannanes.
These dendrobatid frogs are the origin of the batrachotoxins (BTXs)--batrachotoxin, homobatrachotoxin, and batrachotoxin-A.
Batrachotoxins (BTX-A, batrachotoxin and homobatrachotoxin) can be identified using HPLC-MS and as dialkylpyrrole carboxylates (batrachotoxin and homobatrachotoxin) that can be detected by a sensitive Ehrlich's reaction.
Simply put, the patches I left for him were embedded with a highly lethal concentration of batrachotoxin from the poison-dart frog Phyllobates terribilis.
Birds in the genera Pitohui and Ifrita carry batrachotoxins, the same compounds found in some of the poison frogs of the Americas.
These beetles, each only about 7 millimeters long, live in the same regions as the birds do and carry batrachotoxins, Dumbacher and his colleagues report in the Nov.
* Members of Central and South American rainforest tribes hunt with darts dipped in batrachotoxins from dart-poison frog skin.
They may be piperidinic alkaloids with a ring of five carbon and one nitrogen atoms, which are found throughout the group, or they may be steroid alkaloids, known as batrachotoxins, that are exclusive to Phyllobates.
At the time, the alkaloids, called batrachotoxins, had been found in only one other source in nature, the Phyllobates poison dart frogs on the other side of the world--in Colombia and Panama.
Batrachotoxins sabotage the sodium channels employed by nerve cells.