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n. pl. Batswana or Bat·swa·nas
See Tswana.

[Tswana : ba-, pl. n. pref. + -tswana, Tswana.]
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Noun1.Batswana - a member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South AfricaBatswana - a member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa
Botswana, Republic of Botswana - a landlocked republic in south-central Africa that became independent from British control in the 1960s
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
Bantu - a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa
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Calling the Masarwa whatever names they may enables the dominant Batswanas to construct a model that best reflects their common presuppositions about their externalized Other, the Masarwas.
But, on the other hand, it ironically brings her yet again face to face with the old, recalcitrant demons of prejudice, an encounter far more unsettling in its stark horridness of entrance because of who the players are--victims and perpetrators alike--the Batswana themselves among whom she has come to launch her literary career and to predicate that career on charting a new course toward a redemptive world.
The Afrikaners are now replaced by the Batswana, especially their social elite, the Totems, while the aggregate of the Blacks and the Colored of South Africa now become the Khoisan/Basarwa/ Masarwa/Bushmen of Botswana.