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(Placename) a district in London, in Wandsworth: noted for its dogs' home, power station (now a leisure centre), and park


(ˈbæt ər si)

a former borough of London, England, now part of Wandsworth, on the Thames.
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Harriet Jackson, 26, witnessed the power outage causing traffic lights to cut out in Battersea, London, after leaving Clapham Junction.
Its new Battersea, London, and Bracknell, Berkshire, stores are scheduled to open next summer, the firm said.
The Honor 20 series launch is slated to commence at 2 PM local time (6:30 PM IST) and will take place at Battersea Evolution in Battersea, London. We have embedded the launch live stream video below so that you can watch it here directly.
In January 2002 Cummings was jailed for seven years for killing his younger brother at his flat in Battersea, London.
Who will start school this month at Thomas's School in Battersea, London?
The new retail site forms part of Lookers' wider capital investment programme, which includes a new PS17m Audi dealership in Dublin and a new PS10m Volkswagen dealership in Battersea, London.
It is unclear if the pop stars were with the DJ when they attended the flat in Battersea, London.
In June last year, the judge also ruled Mrs Hope Lewis could enforce her order against two riverside flats in Battersea, London - valued by lawyers at PS1m - along with two Mercedes cars and a Harley Davidson, as they represented the only accessible assets linked to her husband in the UK.
During the year the company built and opened its standalone freehold store at Knaresborough, and also acquired and refurbished a retail unit in Battersea, London, which opened in July.
Brought up in Battersea, London, Bishop Colin read theology and medieval languages at Jesus College, Cambridge University.