Battle Creek

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Bat·tle Creek

A city of southern Michigan south-southeast of Grand Rapids. It is a major producer of breakfast cereals.

Bat′tle Creek′

a city in S Michigan. 55,060.
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I know an Esquimau in Upernavik who sends to Cincinnati for his neckties, and I saw a goatherder in Uruguay who won a prize in a Battle Creek breakfast food puzzle competition.
The City of Battle Creek is seeking bids for the purchase of new replacement tires for transit buses.
The Original Battle Creek Crime King: Adam "Pump" Arnold's Vile Reign
one of the country's largest privately owned operators of manufactured home communities, announced today its acquisition of Glenmoor Village in Battle Creek, MI.
Assembly lines and machinery for the heating and cooling program for the college's Advanced Manufacturing Assembly Training program have been moved into two rooms of the 8,400-square-foot addition, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer (http://bcene.
Less than a month after arriving at a Battle Creek parish, Archbishop John Nienstedt has left.
Set in Battle Creek, Michigan, it stars Josh Duhamel as charismatic Special Agent Milton Chamberlain and Dean Winters gruff Detective Russ Agnew.
The appointment of Denholm came with Kellogg's decision to move Kashi from Battle Creek back to the LaJolla, Calif.
The Michigan city of Battle Creek is becoming a star magnet.
The 2012 American 1 community involvement award winners were Sarah Davenport of Charlotte, Nathaniel Garrett of Battle Creek, Jennifer Snedecker of Jackson, Caleb Woods of Battle Creek, Riche Ridley of Battle Creek, Andrew Lavery of Jackson, Terren Davis of Jackson, Lindsey Chinavare of Horton, Rachel Lombardi of Battle Creek, Adam York of Jackson, Daniel Bertoni of Dexter, Donovan Dennis of Southfield, Lauren Mc-Dougal of Southfield, Simon Cone of Chelsea and Robert Everard of Chelsea.
had loads of fun operating an electric, underwater robot at Battle Creek Public Schools' Outdoor Education Center this fall.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 8, 2011-AT&T expands mobile broadband wireless capacity with additional spectrum in Battle Creek area(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
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