Battle of Monmouth

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Noun1.Battle of Monmouth - a pitched battle in New Jersey during the American Revolution (1778) that ended with the withdrawal of British forcesBattle of Monmouth - a pitched battle in New Jersey during the American Revolution (1778) that ended with the withdrawal of British forces
American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, American War of Independence, War of American Independence - the revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain; 1775-1783
Garden State, Jersey, New Jersey, NJ - a Mid-Atlantic state on the Atlantic; one of the original 13 colonies
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Yet his career and reputation gradually fell apart during a yearlong imprisonment by the British following his capture in December 1776 and then irreparably after his return to the Continental Army, when his irresolute leadership at the June 1778 battle of Monmouth brought confrontation with an irate Washington, a court-martial, and his subsequent dismissal from the army.
If not for Washington's relative success (the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse was technically a tactical draw, and because of the scorching summer weather, heat stroke is said to have claimed more lives than musket fire), his political opponents might have replaced him as the American commander-in-chief.
The Maryland legislature promoted Williams to Colonel of the Sixth Maryland Regiment while he was a prisoner of war, and, after he was exchanged, he commanded a regiment during the Battle of Monmouth in 1778.
In which war did the Battle of Monmouth Court House take place?
In June 1778, just before the battle of Monmouth, he invited General Washington to dinner--and the 12,000-man Continental Army to camp in his fields.
Many years later, when Mary was nearly 70 years old, she was honored again for what she had done at the Battle of Monmouth.
The locals offer stubborn resistance, whether it be to golfers at the 1935 Ryder Cup, man-eating sharks in the 1919 attacks which inspired the movie Jaws or British forces in the 1778 Battle of Monmouth.
Charles Scott, for instance, who remembered Washington at the battle of Monmouth cursing at Gen.
One of a massive series of volumes presenting the papers of George Washington, this volume in the Revolutionary War Series, contains letters and other papers of Washington from May and June of 1778, as well all letters to Washington during the period, a span which includes the Continental Army's last weeks at Valley Forge, the British evacuation of Philadelphia, and the Battle of Monmouth Court House.