Abu Qir

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A·bu Qir

also A·bu·kir  (ä′bo͞o-kîr′, ăb′o͞o-)
A village of northern Egypt in the Nile River delta on the Bay of Abu Qir. Adm. Horatio Nelson's victory over a French fleet off Abu Qir in 1798 restored British prestige in the Mediterranean and ended French hopes of establishing a stronghold in the Middle East.
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1798: The Battle of the Nile when Nelson beat the French fleet at Aboukir Bay.
The search culminated in 1798 with the Battle of the Nile and the destruction of the French fleet.
Story has it that when Napoleon came back from his unsuccessful foray into Egypt during the Battle of the Nile, the French leader chanced upon a piece of the fine-grained cheese in the castle of Valencay.
Rosso antico "Egyptiana" teawares with either black or white decoration proved popular, particularly in the aftermath of Nelson's naval victory at the Battle of the Nile.
Anderson completed his Battle of the Nile painting in 1801, three years after Nelson's famous victory over Napoleon's eet.
This screen shot depicts the Battle of the Nile, waged between the armies of Ptolomy and Caesar on Egypt's shores.
W Lor fetc T 179 rela to h H out wit vict T for Bisr He wrote it before he set after the French fleet, with the chase ending in victory at Battle of the Nile.
He wrote it before sailing after a French fleet, with the chase ending in victory at the Battle of the Nile.
Haydn's "Lord Nelson Mass" is so nicknamed because it became associated with British Navy Admiral Horatio Nelson, who won the famous 1798 Battle of the Nile against Napoleon.
Clockwise from left: Admiral Nelson with his Brave Tars after the Glorious Battle of the Nile, 1798; Catching an Elephant, published for Rowlandson in 1812 by Thomas Tegg; At the Abbey Gate, estimated at pounds 3,500-pounds 5,000; Dr.
The locket commemorates the Battle of the Nile and is dated on the first day of that epic encounter on August 1, 1798.
of New Brunswick) chronicles the career of British hero Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, from his victories at the Napoleonic War battle of the Nile in 1798 to his death in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

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