n.1.See Batten, and Baton.
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Chief Gary Batton of the Choctaw and the Taoiseach then exchanged traditional gifts -- a hurley was presented by the Taoiseach, while Chief Batton gave a Choctaw stickball in return.
Choctaw Nation Chief Mr Batton welcomed Mr Varadkar and said: "We consider it a great honour to have you here.
Ogle and Batton identified two key components of patriarchy: (a) male domination over women both as individuals and as groups and (b) institutionalized male domination, which permeates society and is maintained at systemic levels (e.
Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank three anonymous referees for their constructive comments and Nadine Batton, University of Trier, for the helpful data search for the last revision of this manuscript.
Elizabeth Anderson, Josefina Dolores Batton, Rebecca Bush, Jennifer L Coleman
Parte piantan gli approcci e vanno a porre l'assedio a un tronco e fan monton dell'asta, batton la breccia e son castello e torre la gran goletta e la corazza vasta.
Al analizar las cifras sobre asesinatos de policias entre 1930 y 1998 la tendencia de las ultimas decadas es hacia la baja (Fidell y Pate, 1997; Kaminski y Marvell, 2002; Batton y Wilson, 2006).
Barry John Carr: "Let the dummy spitters go and let the grown up's take the Labour batton to the next election.
Admitted to practice: 2012) Batton pleaded no contest to a felony in Bay County Circuit Court.