n.1.See Batten, and Baton.
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Terrill, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, and Michael Batton and Ralf Quack, Entex Rust & Mitschke GmbH
"This was a serious failure." The jury said Mr Cumberbatch continued to resist arrest and police used 'considerable restraint including batton strikes, other physical strikes, multiple punches, stamps, tasers and handcuffs.
10,231,914 B2; Lynette Batton of Greensboro, NC has patented an effervescent tablet for eliminating red wine discoloration of mouth, offensive odor of mouth and for cleaning the palate.
Choctaw Nation Chief Gary Batton said the casino resort needed to be larger as soon as the tribe finished the second expansion in 2015.
Use of batton and axes caused Hanif, Abdul Karim, Ramzan, Nisar, Allah dino, Hassan, Hashim Soomro and others were injured while 7 women were also injured of the clash.
[9.] American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Fetus and Newborn; American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Surgery; Canadian Paediatric Society Fetus and Newborn Committee, Batton DG, Barrington KJ, Wallman C.
// Nott' er' appunto quando piu che mai/Saettand'i lor fiati aspri, stridenti, / Irati senza posa l'un contr' altro, / Del mar batton i venti in su li scogli.
The minister also rejected the Indian stand on Kashmir citing Lord Mount Batton's letter to Maharaja and Jawaharlal Nehru's letter to Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan which clearly mentioned Kashmir as a dispute besides suggesting its resolution though plebiscite.
Tawantawan, 1Lt .Dexter Batton, Staff Sergeant Jonathan S.
Batton (2013) noted "ethical business practices are not just an example of selfless do-goodism, they are essential for sustainable growth, increased employee productivity and reliable investment in your business." Work ethics have a strong influence on individual and corporate success in any organisation.
Crossed Batton will skip the Derby and head straight for Royal Ascot next month.