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n.1.A small copper coin, with a mixture of silver, formerly current in some parts of Germany and Switzerland. It was worth about four cents.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Pirial, the bourgs of Batz and Le Croisic, exactly resembling each other, attracted and suspended his attention.
Ahmad Al Haddad, chief commercial officer, Jafza, opened the Fike Centre of Excellence in the presence of Brad Batz, president and CEO of Fike Corporation; David Kemp, executive vice-president, sales and marketing, Fike Corporation; Ihab Farag, managing director, Fike Mena.
The economic burden for norovirus is considerable, with costs for supportive care at $255.4 million, healthcare provider visits at $283.7 million, and hospitalization at $285.9 million (Batz et al., 2012; CDC, 2013; Debbink et al., 2012; Mast, DeMuro-Mercon, Kelly, Floyd, & Walter, 2009).
Caption: The German destroyer Z-32, hard aground on Ile de Batz off the Brittany coast the day after the battle.
When Batz came across a local contractor looking to discard several truckloads of used pavers and sand from a recent municipal project, he decided to use the material to install two ground level patios in his backyard.
Prior to this position, Batz led Fike's oil & gas business unit where his responsibilities included new product development, sales, and customer service and support.
(7.) Batz W, Hofmann von kp herr S, Koltai J Pistor G Mesenteric cysts in childhood.
After electricity costs in the northwestern department of Totonicapan doubled in less than a year to almost US$12, Mayan K'iche' community leader Juana Celestina Batz Puac decided that enough was enough.
We met in 2002 at Stockton Sixth Form College THE PROPOSAL: On a deserted beach on the small island of Ile de Batz, France, in 2009 THE RING: White gold with diamonds WHAT DID THE BRIDE WEAR?
"What Really Works--Blending the Seven Fs for the Life You Imagine" by Paul Batz and Tim Schmidt (Beaver's Pond Press Inc., 2011).