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n. Greek & Roman Mythology
A peasant woman of Phrygia who together with her husband Philemon received with great hospitality Zeus and Hermes disguised as men. The gods rewarded the couple by turning them in their old age into intertwining linden and oak trees.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a poor peasant woman who, with her husband Philemon, was rewarded for hospitality to the disguised gods Zeus and Hermes


(ˈbɔ sɪs)

(in Greek myth) an aged Phrygian peasant woman who offered hospitality to the disguised Zeus and Hermes.
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Daphnis et Chloe que sont faits Philemon et Baucis.
Duessa's double transformation of Fradubio and Fraelissa is an ironic Ovidian metamorphic parody: the metamorphosis of Baucis and Philemon into trees expressed their marital fidelity [.
Yet through a corpus of imaginative tales Venice is also at once the city of Zirma, of Armilla, of Baucis, of Moriana and of Argia (to name but a few).
from Philemon et Baucis by Charles Gounod; "Vecchia zimarra" (Colline) ([B.
In it, Ariosto's newlyweds encounter Baucis and Philemon.
Se trata de la historia de Filemon y Baucis, una de las pocas de amor correspondido y feliz del poeta latino.
It seems to have been standard practice to support offstage chorus entries with an "inaudible" piano, perhaps originating with Gounod's Philemon el Baucis in 1860.
Sonaba con la suerte de Filemon y Baucis, los amantes que trascienden la muerte convertidos en arboles.
Contractor address : Habitation Baucis Allee Pecoul
Despues de anos sirviendo en el templo, Filemon y Baucis fueron transformados en roble y tilo con sus copas abrazadas en lo alto, unidos para siempre" (Boff, 2005: 85).
Baucis and Philemon' mythologizes the poet's grandparents, but avoids falling into a sub-Yeatsian mode as its intelligent handling of myth demonstrates an independent mode of thought.
Numerous instances of the philoxenia theme appear in works from antiquity: the visit of Jupiter and Mercury to the home of Baucis and Philemon (Ovid 8 [p.