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(Shipbuilding) an end elevation, showing the conbour of the sides of a ship at certain points of her length.
etc. See under Body, Floor, etc.

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The bauplan (body plan) of the Western Pond Turtle has proved resilient over millions of years, but can it help the species persist through the environmental changes predicted to unfold across the west over the next century?
The discovery was detailed in a paper titled "The Only Known Jawed Vertebrate with Four Eyes and the Bauplan of the Pineal Complex" and was published in ( Current Biology.
The general bauplan of this Nothofagus endemic shows some convergence with both oryzomyine and some thomasomyine representatives, in particular with those specialized for arboreal life (for example, cladistic analyses based solely on postcranial characters placed Irenomys in the same clade that the arboreal Rhipidomys and Juliomys [Carrizo and Catalano, in press]).
As this bias is not recorded in the Jurassic, these authors interpreted that it might be related to a different sauropod bauplan and niche partitioning among sauropods as a consequence of the rise and diversification of the titanosaurs during the Cretaceous.
A similar bauplan of the RTA with a strongly sclerotised dorsal part and a membranous ventral part as well as the two tegular apophyses are known for Olios claviger (Pocock, 1901) (jager & Kunz 2005: figs 320-322), O.
Turning movements during foraging both floating and underwater in contact with the substrate seem an interesting solution to finding and capturing prey for organisms with this Bauplan. Agility and maneuverability (Rivera et al., 2006) are very important for turning movements.
Within each clade, however, there is a consistent Bauplan, but still capable of much modification in relation to various functional attributes, as described later.
Such a statement is uninteresting to the study of the anatomy and physiology of apes, for what is under study is not hypothetical possible variants of the bodily structure of apes but their actual bodily structure; and it is not within the Bauplan of apes to have wings.