Body plan

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(Shipbuilding) an end elevation, showing the conbour of the sides of a ship at certain points of her length.
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A similar bauplan of the RTA with a strongly sclerotised dorsal part and a membranous ventral part as well as the two tegular apophyses are known for Olios claviger (Pocock, 1901) (jager & Kunz 2005: figs 320-322), O.
Within each clade, however, there is a consistent Bauplan, but still capable of much modification in relation to various functional attributes, as described later.
This morphological convergence presumably resulted from similarities in the common tubicolous bauplan of the skeleton.
Jan Brink, director of German construction company Bauplan Nord, said current market conditions in Latvia were strangling the real estate and construction sector.
More strikingly still: the understanding, in implementing this Bauplan by means of imagination, and thereby extending the scope of consciousness (that is, of that which is something for me), is actually doing nothing more than furnishing the I-concept with an expanded instantiation.
The occurrence of secondarily condensed heads is fairly widespread in the Asteraceae, as evidenced by the numerous studies of secondary capitulum ontogeny or bauplans (Classen-Bockhoff, 1992, 1996; Kunze, 1969; Leins & Gemmeke, 1979; Petit, 1988; Rauh & Reznik, 1953; Wagenitz, 1976; Weberling, 1989).