Bay Stater

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Noun1.Bay Stater - a native or resident of MassachusettsBay Stater - a native or resident of Massachusetts
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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If you are a Bay Stater who has freely chosen not to make a particular purchase--in this case, health insurance--the state government is going to twist your arm until you buy it or slap you with a fine.
He then got a law degree from Boston College and worked as an attorney until his 1982 election as lieutenant governor to Mike Dukakis - the last Bay Stater to carry the Democratic torch, who was trounced by Bush Sr in 1988.
For approximately 67,000 Bay Stater residents living with epilepsy and seizure disorders, these barriers to care can result in a serious negative impact on the health of patients.
When PGA TOUR legend Johnny Miller came out of semi-retirement to win his 25th and final PGA TOUR title at the 1994 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am, he proclaimed, "I pulled off a Paul Harney," in salute to the Bay Stater Harney who had won under similar circumstances 22 years earlier.
I heard from Yinzers and Yoopers, Bay Staters and Cheeseheads, and many others.
However, there was one adjective that the modest Bay Staters didn't use nearly as much as they should - the best.