Bay of Biscay

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Noun1.Bay of Biscay - an arm of the Atlantic Ocean in western EuropeBay of Biscay - an arm of the Atlantic Ocean in western Europe; bordered by the west coast of France and the north coast of Spain
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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The autocrat of the North Atlantic was still oppressing his kingdom and its outlying dependencies, even as far as the Bay of Biscay, in the dismal secrecy of thick, very thick, weather.
His thoughts were still in the woods of Minstead and the old armory of Twynham Castle, when the hoarse voice of the master-shipman brought them back once more to the Bay of Biscay.
Already a hand short, and entering the Bay of Biscay with wild weather ahead, and yet last night another man lost, disappeared.
He only told me that it had not occurred in the Mediterranean, but on the other side of Southern France - in the Bay of Biscay.
Having been thus harassed in my thoughts, my old pilot, to whom I communicated everything, pressed me earnestly not to go by sea, but either to go by land to the Groyne, and cross over the Bay of Biscay to Rochelle, from whence it was but an easy and safe journey by land to Paris, and so to Calais and Dover; or to go up to Madrid, and so all the way by land through France.
While the third syllable is in preparation, the band begins a nautical medley--"All in the Downs," "Cease Rude Boreas," "Rule Britannia," "In the Bay of Biscay O
Yn fuan wedi cychwyn, saethwyd yn awyren i lawr gan awyren Almaenig dros yu Bay of Biscay ar Fehefin 1, 1943 - achubwyd neb.
The course sees the fleet race up the Portuguese coast to the north-western tip of Spain before it heads across the Bay of Biscay to the Brittany coast of France.
The Bay of Biscay is especially important to a vast diversity of marine-life because beneath the waves of the bay, there are many deep water cliffs and canyons which create concentrated areas of food such as fish, squid and krill which in turn attracts larger marine mammals and seabirds.
Having survived crashing into the Bay of Biscay on his fourth training mission, Cauley finished the war as a flying officer.
The results indicated that during the period under study, water temperatures in the Bay of Biscay remained relatively high, whereas those in mainland Europe gradually fell.
Anchovy fishing was banned in 2005 in the Bay of Biscay to protect the species, stocks of which had dropped to alarmingly low levels.