Bay of Fundy

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Noun1.Bay of Fundy - a bay of the North Atlantic between New Brunswick and Nova ScotiaBay of Fundy - a bay of the North Atlantic between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; noted for rapid tides as great as 70 feet
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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"Then it was you who got one of our boats, the Comus, off the rocks in the Bay of Fundy? The directors voted you three hundred guineas as salvage, and you refused them."
Encountering squally weather again in the Bay of Fundy, we tumbled and rolled about as usual all that night and all next day.
Next it was across the Nova Scotia peninsula, to the Bay of Fundy. The interior was sparsely populated, with only the occasional hamlet, dead raccoon, and my bad singing disrupting the glorious forest.
The property, owned by Edge Exploration Inc., said regional structural analysis suggests the existence of a poorly explored north/south structural corridor extending from the Bay of Fundy some 300 km north to the western tip of the Bay of Chaleur.
Right whales have historically made an autumn journey to the mouth of the Bay of Fundy to feast in preparation for winter.
As well as featuring 70ft tides in the Bay of Fundy, Canada, and the world's strongest tide in Norway, there's also a look at the world's largest tidal bore in Hangzhou Bay, China: known as the "Silver Dragon", it travels at 20mph and is said to be "like a tsunami coming up river".
In the Bay of Fundy, a body of wild water dotted with emerald-green islands, communities have learned to live with the sea, bowing to its strength and benefitting from its bounty - but never underestimating the power it holds.
NEED TO KNOW | For more information on visiting New Brunswick, go to | For more information on visiting Canada, go to Swallowtail Lighthouse, Bay of Fundy, Canada
The Bay of Fundy is a critical habitat for the mammals, although, this year, they have shifted slightly farther north to the Gulf of St Lawrence.
The Bay of Fundy is one of the few places in the world where whales can swim past your doorstep - a regular occurrence in the largest island Grand Manan, a 90-minute ferry journey from St Andrew's on the mainland.