Guanabara Bay

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Gua·na·ba·ra Bay

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast coast of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is on its southwest shore.

Gua′na•ba′ra Bay′

(ˈgwɑ nəˈbɑr ə, ˌgwɑ-)
an inlet of the Atlantic in SE Brazil.
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It is subject to various conditions precedent, including a 30-year lease right to operate in a defined 66,860 square metre area in the Bay of Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, along with the assignment of certain other lease contracts to Briclog.
Set into the stunning beauty of the Bay of Guanabara, the project takes as its starting point a large square by the sea.
Since its foundation by Estacio de Sa in 1565, Rio de Janeiro has been swallowing up the Atlantic coastal forest, which used to completely surround the south of the bay of Guanabara, thereby creating a breach of human origin in the temperate forest biome.