Bay salt

Bay´ salt`

1.Salt which has been obtained from sea water, by evaporation in shallow pits or basins, by the heat of the sun; the large crystalline salt of commerce.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Visitors will also sample gourmet salts from Robert Kirklands Monterey Bay Salt Co., as well as taste olive jams and tapenades by Chef Andre Averseng from Paso Terra Restaurant.
At 28, Richard is now the president of Tacloban Cement; managing director of the family's tourism venture, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa in Bohol, and vice president of Artemis Salt, the exclusive distributor in the Philippines of Shark Bay Salt, a subsidiary of Mitsui of Japan.
In addition, we examined differences in black duck densities in Delaware Bay salt marsh plots that consisted of >50% salt hay (primarily Spartina patens) farms versus Delaware Bay plots that consisted of <50% salt hay both before (1993-1998) and after (1999-2012) a large-scale marsh restoration project (Teal and Peterson, 2005).
Cris Benton uses aerial kite photography to capture the vibrant colors of the South San Francisco Bay salt evaporation ponds created by halophilic microorganisms that adapt to the various salinities of the ponds.
The NMA expressed its sincere gratitude towards the sponsors: Airport Lodge, Bidvest Fisheries, Elso Holdings, FNB Holdings Namibia, Fatima Plastics, Mpact Namibia, Namib Mills, Namibia Breweries Limited, Peralin Paints, Plastic Packaging and Walvis Bay Salt Refiners.
* Over 70 species of shorebirds and waterfowl rely on south San Francisco Bay salt ponds, including half a million migrating shorebirds.
Foraging ecology of herons in a southern San Francisco Bay salt marsh.
In March 2003, a partnership of federal, state, and nonprofit agencies purchased nearly 6,116 ha of salt ponds from Cargill, Inc., to initiate the South San Francisco Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (California Department of Fish and Game and United States Fish and Wildlife Service, in litt.; http://www.
In addition to Shark Bay Salt Joint Venture in Western Australia, in which Mitsui owns a 100% share, the company now has an annual salt production capacity of 3,800,000 tons.
The Monterey Bay Salt Glo, the Detox Kelp body mask and facial are signature treatments.
The equation states that salinity on day i is equal to the mass of salt divided by the volume of the bay, where the mass of salt equals what was in the bay on day i-1, plus what the Gulf delivered, subtracting riverine flushing of bay salt and tidal flushing of bay salt.