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Noun1.Baya - common Indian weaverbirdbaya - common Indian weaverbird    
weaver finch, weaverbird, weaver - finch-like African and Asian colonial birds noted for their elaborately woven nests
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In the first raid on May 21, he said two birds sellers were held and around 60 to 70 House Sparrows and Indian Baya Weavers were released.
In the second raid on May 22 about 150 spotted Munia and 15 Indian Baya Weavers were confiscated from the bird sellers and consequently released into the wild habitat, he added.
The collection also included images of hanging bridges in Hunza, bull racing in Fatehjang, a panoramic view of Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, the road to Passu, Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur, Kof mountain goats at the Khunjerab Pass, a sunset in Sukkur and the Baya weavers in Islamabad.