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Noun1.Baycol - an oral drug (trade name Baycol) to reduce blood cholesterol levelsBaycol - an oral drug (trade name Baycol) to reduce blood cholesterol levels
lipid-lowering medication, lipid-lowering medicine, statin, statin drug - a medicine that lowers blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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During the Baycol crisis of 2004, only 60 deaths caused the FDA to request Bayer to recall its problematic product.
Baycol was pulled from the market in 2001 after being linked to 31 deaths.
2008) (declining to find predominance satisfied and citing McLaughlin in noting that "issue certification" is inappropriate "where the predominance of individual issues is such that limited class certification would do little to increase the efficiency of the litigation"); In re Baycol Prods.
The Court failed to mention Vermont's evidence showing that pharmaceutical drug detailing boosted the prescribing of newly approved, brand-name drugs, including Vioxx and Baycol.
GI bleeding; Baycol, rhabdomyolysis; Rezulin, liver failure; Avandia, M.
09-1403); In re Baycol Products Litigation, 593 E3d 716 (8th Cir.
n Baycol (Cerivastatin), prescribed to treat high cholesterol.
Baycol was withdrawn from the market in 2001 due to its increased association with fatal rhabdomyolysis.
2003) (defining fraudulent misjoinder as joining of claims without sufficient factual nexus to satisfy the permissive joinder standard, and finding no fraudulent misjoinder); In re Baycol Prods.
The tragic consequences of OcyContin, Neurontin, Paxil, Accutane, Baycol, Aprotinin and Vioxx speak clearly to the dangers of long-term cumulative effects that have emerged only after extended periods of time in the market place.
Six additional statins have been approved for sale in Canada, one of which, Baycol, was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 2001 after it was linked to at least 50 deaths worldwide caused by a serious and potentially fatal muscle disorder.
One statin drug, Baycol, was taken off the market a few years ago after 37 persons died of kidney damage.