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Noun1.Bayes - English mathematician for whom Bayes' theorem is named (1702-1761)
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Then might the field be this moment well strewed with human carcasses, and the next, the dead men, or infinitely the greatest part of them, might get up, like Mr Bayes's troops, and march off either at the sound of a drum or fiddle, as should be previously agreed on.
He was not much disturbed by 'The Rehearsal,' a burlesque play brought out by the Duke of Buckingham and other wits to ridicule current dramas and dramatists, in which he figured as chief butt under the name 'Bayes' (poet laureate); and he took more than full revenge ten years later when in
Among the Liverpool cast will be the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev Paul Bayes, who will play Barrabas, and former Brookside actor Dean Sullivan, who will play Pontius Pilate.
Then, we extract the bug reports belonging to the selected topics and apply Naive Bayes Multinomial [11] to these.
Bayesian statistic combines observed data with prior information about phenomena to make inferences by using the Bayes theorem.
The White House hit back and equalised five minutes later through Nathan Bayes. The game then settled down as both sides strived to take control.
Finally, the classification and recognition task of each sample is completed by the multiclassification algorithm (Bayes, decision tree, or SVM).
Then three classifiers, KNN, SVM, and Navies Bayes, which have been used to diagnose breast cancer by many researchers are employed for the ultrasound and mammography, respectively.
Inference Engine: Multisymptom Naive Bayes Algorithm and Symptom Specificity Weighting