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Noun1.Bayes - English mathematician for whom Bayes' theorem is named (1702-1761)
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The sides traded blows throughout, with Lilly and Ellis Nashir hitting the target for Beads and Shaun Laverick and Nathan Bayes equalising twice for hosting Billingham.
A Naive Bayes classifier is trained and tested for personality traits identification.
Headteacher Julia Bayes has been with the school since September 2009.
By contrast, Stella Mayhew (born Sadie Saddler of Pittsburgh), a blackface soubrette who performed with Nora Bayes and Fanny Brice in "The Jolly Bachelors" (Broadway Theatre, 1910) as well as with Al Jolson in "Whirl of Society" (The Winter Garden, 1912), lamented how coon shouting was once primarily a vocal art:
Joan Heller and Gloria Bayes are Office Gallery vice presidents who are closely involved in the effort as well.
Specifically, the empirical Bayes model is proposed as a methodology for estimating loss ratios--the ratio of incurred losses to earned premiums.
CHICAGO, March 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bayes Cleaners, a leading Los Angeles based manufacturer and distributor of high performance and environmentally responsible home cleaning products, and kathy ireland Worldwide, have signed a licensing agreement to serve the growing need for safe, effective and performance based sustainable home cleaning products.
Bishop Paul Bayes took part in a procession through the streets from Paradise Street, near Liverpool One, up Duke Street to the cathedral where dozens of umbrellas were thrown in the air to cheers.
Head teacher Julia Bayes is close friends with the awardwinning author, who moved to Northumberland with her family in 1987.
In this paper, a new algorithm called Associative Classification with Bayes (AC-Bayes) is proposed, which adopts a Naive Bayes model to address the rule conflicts.
The goals kept coming for Eaglescliffe in the second half, with Nathan Bayes and Mikey Davies making it 5-0.
There was nothing in it in the first half with Crawley's Kieran Murphy forcing Scott Tynan into a brilliant save before Northwich defender Ryan Brown failed with a good chance after Ashley Bayes had beaten out his initial attempt.