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Noun1.Baya - common Indian weaverbirdbaya - common Indian weaverbird    
weaver finch, weaverbird, weaver - finch-like African and Asian colonial birds noted for their elaborately woven nests
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The President of ECCIMA, Mr Emeka Udeze, said this when he paid a courtesy call to the Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Mr Bayo Onanuga in Abuja on Wednesday.
Tenders are invited for Jaivik Sochalay Bayo Taylet 6 Sheeter Trelar Mauntid Mobil Type
Amelia Bayo (University of Valparaiso, Chile) led another study, published in the May 18th Astrophysical Journal Letters, of a planetary-mass object in the Chameleon star-forming region OST44.
Twenty-five years ago, Bayo ('dress' in Ilonggo) was a humble made-to-order shop in Makati.
Everyone was talking about Mayweather v McGregor and I mentioned it to Bayo.
En prevision de cette mission, un workshop dirige par le president de la Conect, Tarek Cherif, s'est tenu le jeudi 9 mars, a Tunis, en presence de l'ambassadeur de la Cote d' Ivoire a Tunis Idrissa Bayo et des chefs d'entreprises tunisiens et etrangers actifs en Tunisie.
An anthology consisting of thirteen authors focused on African scholar discourse and input in higher education in Africa and elsewhere inspired by Bayo Akomolafe at a conference on decolonizing the university in June 2013 in Panang, Malaysia.
Ambassador of Cote d'Ivoire to Tunisia, Idrissa Bayo and a representative of the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Imed Torjmane, were among the participants.
Chan and Hamadou Bayo, Managing Director at Afriland First Bank Liberia Limited, in attendance
Gambian Mustapha Bayo, pictured left, 33, pretended to be a Frenchman called Jean Djedje after arriving in England some seven years ago.
Joining the job fair for the first time, retail and merchandise company Bayo Manila is aiming to get many qualified applicants from the two-day event.
Bury manager David Flitcroft admitted: "To give Bayo so much room in the box for two strikes was very disappointing.