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Tenders are invited for Lamp Double Contact Bayonet Base Clear 30 Watt,75 Volt,Emd Pt No-8190621 Dlw Pt.
These miniature bayonet base bulbs are available in the following LED light colors, all sunlight-visible: 470nm Super Blue (InGaN), 525nm Aqua Green (InGaN), 570nm Lime Green (InGaAlP), 595nm Super Yellow (InGaAlP), 612nm Super Orange, 660nm Ultra Red (GaAlAs/GaAlAs), 8000K Cool White (InGaN) and 3000K Warm White (InGaN).
The 586-240X-220 Series with miniature bayonet base (BA9S) is designed to replace incandescent lamp numbers 44, 47, 313, 755, 1815, 1819, 1847, 1850, 1866, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1895.
A line of 15 mm SingleContact Bayonet Base LED Lamps from LEDtronics incorporates optical-grade epoxy, advanced light emitting diode (LED) technologies, standard single-contact bayonet bases and light-optimizing designs to produce vivid light.