bayonet mount

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Tenders are invited for Lamp Electric 40 W X 110 Volts To Is 897 Bayonet Cap 2 Pin, Ir Branded.
99 bulb bayonet cap,11 watt Free-range eggs large,6pk 1.
These light bulbs will fit any bayonet cap or Edison screw light fitting.
These lightbulbs will fit any Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw light fitting.
Integral with the lamp are a starter and a conventional ballast, and the whole is fitted with a Screw or Bayonet cap.
It's also showing a new indicating bayonet cap for testing temperature sensors.
As part of the lamp industry's efforts to promote the switch to more efficient lamps, the initiative calls on the EU to apply binding minimum energy efficiency requirements, supported by strict market surveillance, for Edison and Bayonet cap lamps7 as early as 2009.
In our bedroom an electric lamp exploded and the red hot bayonet cap and glass fell to the floor.
Tenders are invited for Reading Light Fitting Wall Mounted Type Suitable For 110 V Dc With Bayonet Cap Lamp Holder.