bayonet mount

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These light bulbs will fit any bayonet cap or Edison screw light fitting.
These lightbulbs will fit any Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw light fitting.
Remove the old bulb, by pushing it in and turning it anti-clockwise if it has locking pins (called a bayonet cap), or by unscrewing it if it has a screw thread.
Integral with the lamp are a starter and a conventional ballast, and the whole is fitted with a Screw or Bayonet cap.
It's also showing a new indicating bayonet cap for testing temperature sensors.
Contract awarded for 4211n01-led bulb b 22 / e 27, 6500k, power 3 watt, 110 v ac/dc, 50 hz, screw cap and bayonet cap in equal quantity for retrofitment in existing 25 watt incandescent lamp in tl&ac coaches conforming to rdso sp
In our bedroom an electric lamp exploded and the red hot bayonet cap and glass fell to the floor.
Contract awarded for 45156578-2 watt led retrofit type lamp suitable to use in existing 25 watt incandescent bayonet cap type lamp holder confirming to icf specification no.
Contract awarded for 42030407-"holder lamp baklete with standard bayonet cap with brass lined barel & shade carrier ring for 250 volts."