Bayou State

Bay´ou State`

1.Mississippi; - a nickname, from its numerous bayous.
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The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported last week that there were Syrian refugees in the Bayou State - 14 to be exact.
Science education activist and Americans United ally Zack Kopplin found that some Bayou State educators are doing all they can--including skirting the law--to force fundamentalist dogma into science classes.
While financially vulnerable families in local communities struggle to meet basic needs such as heating and cooling costs and even more so after the punch winter packed in the Bayou State this year advocates from Entergy Louisiana, LLC, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.
A spokesman for the Louisiana Insurance Department confirmed comments made last week by Commissioner Jim Donelon that the Bayou State plans to be more active in nationwide efforts to get the rate hikes delayed until an affordability study on the impact of the new rates is completed.
A new Louisiana law requires registered sex offenders in the Bayou State to include their criminal status in their Facebook profiles.
Coffee, on the other hand, might not be top of mind with most when referring to the bayou state.
He added, “IndustrialSAVER has reviewed dozens of Mississippi Machined Parts with editors of AMSN proudly serving in and around Jackson, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Greenville, Southhaven, Tupelo, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Vicksburg, Meridian and other areas throughout the beautiful Bayou State.
The Bayou State native has pledged $25,000 of his share of the earnings to Children's Hospital in New Orleans if his mount I Want Revenge wins.
The Legislature down in the Bayou State is following South Dakota's lead and working on an even stricter ban on all abortions.
16 meeting of the World Trade Club of Greater New Orleans, said the island is "a natural trading partner" for the Bayou State, and that opportunities for Louisiana businesses abound.
Louisiana ranks last in the nation in the percentage of residents between 25 and 64 years of age with two-year degrees, largely because the Bayou State was one of the last states to embrace the community-college concept.
Black-and-white photographs illustrate his story, which combines raw-guts determination with a humorous flair and perfectly captures the excitement of campaigning for president amid the Mardi Gras and bayou state.