Bayou Teche

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Bay·ou Teche

 (bī′o͞o tĕsh′, bī′ō)
A bayou of south-central Louisiana flowing about 200 km (125 mi) south to the Atchafalaya River near the Gulf of Mexico.
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The Community of Jesus Crucified hosts the eucharistic procession by boat to Catholic churches along Louisiana's Bayou Teche. The Lafayette diocese has held multiple festivities surrounding the Jubilee Year of Mercy, including a "Jubilee of the Word" marathon where the Bible was read publicly cover to cover without pause.
The trail was created in cooperation with the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild and includes seven breweries--Abita Brewing Company, Abita Springs; Bayou Teche Brewing, Arnaudville; Chafunkta Brewing Company, Mandeville; Covington Brewhouse, Covington; NOLA Brewing Company, New Orleans; Parish Brewing Company, Broussard and Tin Roof Brewing Company, Baton Rouge.
THE STORY: After coming out on the losing end of a shootout in Bayou Teche, New Iberia police detective Dave Robicheaux convalesces in a local hospital.
In fact, the Isle Brevelle setting, the use of the local idiom, the condescending tone of the narrator, the very donnee of the artist in search of quaint, picturesque subjects, remind one of Kate Chopin's "A Gentleman of Bayou Teche," in which the city artist works on a portrait of the proud Cajun in tatters, "Mista Evariste Anatole Bonamour, a gent'man of de Bayou Teche" (324).
However, Gateshead will assume that role next Wednesday, with the Tyne substituting for the Atchafalaya or the Bayou Teche.
Thorpe's article entitled "Sugar and the Sugar Region of Louisiana." Thorpe describes Louisiana's Bayou Teche as lined with live-oaks: "Along its shores the magnificent live-oak rears itself in all the pride of vigorous 'ancient youth,' and gives to the gently undulating landscape, the expression so often witnessed in the lordly parks of England." This "ancient" quality of the live-oak, the trace of a lifetime, at least in Whitman's imagination, spent "uttering joyous leaves," was also the subject of Georgia writer Henry Rootes Jackson's poem "The Live-Oak." Published in 1850 in Jackson's Tallulah, and Other Poems and popular enough to be included within Evert A.
When we did eventually check in at Au Bayou Teche we found a lovingly-restored 1812 inn, sitting right on the bayou.
Walk into the two-unit Bulldog bars, which both feature sought-after patios and 50 draft beers, priced $3.25 to $11, and today you'll find taps for Abita, Cajun country's Bayou Teche, Baton Rouge s Tin Roof, Covington's Heiner Brau, and New Orleans' own NOLA Brewing Company.
New Iberia, situated along Bayou Teche, is known locally as the City of Live Oaks.
In the guise of an amicable character sketch, "A Gentleman of Bayou Teche" explores the fundamental right to self-definition of Evariste, a Cajun trapper whom a visiting artist wants to paint.
When I return to our home in Louisiana, on Bayou Teche, a tidal stream on which members of my family have lived since 1836, I look at the red sun beyond the live oaks on the bayou, the smoke from stubble fires drifting off the fields, the hammered gold-and-purple light on the sugarcane, and in the gloaming of the day I want to see the moment caught forever inside a photographer's lens, before the land developers and the builders of strip malls and discount stores have their way with what I think are the gifts of both Heaven and Earth.