Bayou Teche

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Bay·ou Teche

 (bī′o͞o tĕsh′, bī′ō)
A bayou of south-central Louisiana flowing about 200 km (125 mi) south to the Atchafalaya River near the Gulf of Mexico.
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The trail was created in cooperation with the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild and includes seven breweries--Abita Brewing Company, Abita Springs; Bayou Teche Brewing, Arnaudville; Chafunkta Brewing Company, Mandeville; Covington Brewhouse, Covington; NOLA Brewing Company, New Orleans; Parish Brewing Company, Broussard and Tin Roof Brewing Company, Baton Rouge.
THE STORY: After coming out on the losing end of a shootout in Bayou Teche, New Iberia police detective Dave Robicheaux convalesces in a local hospital.
In fact, the Isle Brevelle setting, the use of the local idiom, the condescending tone of the narrator, the very donnee of the artist in search of quaint, picturesque subjects, remind one of Kate Chopin's "A Gentleman of Bayou Teche," in which the city artist works on a portrait of the proud Cajun in tatters, "Mista Evariste Anatole Bonamour, a gent'man of de Bayou Teche" (324).
When we did eventually check in at Au Bayou Teche we found a lovingly-restored 1812 inn, sitting right on the bayou.
Steve Landry--Catholic, Cajun, fisherman--lives in Franklin, a town that straddles the Bayou Teche near Vermilion Bay on the Gulf.
New Iberia, situated along Bayou Teche, is known locally as the City of Live Oaks.
His current release, Wail & Ride (Hyena Records) offers a dose of his Big Easy tales of life all delivered in a languid drawl that flows as slowly as the Bayou Teche.
Eventually, however, he exacts an agreement from the artist to be painted as he himself wants to be seen--in his good clothes: "'You will put on'neat' de picture,' he said deliberately, 'Dis is one picture of Mista Evariste Anatole Bonamour, a gent'man of de Bayou Teche.
In his autobiographical book The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, Henry Miller wrote of his visit to New Iberia during the Second World War and of the innocent way of life that characterized New Iberia's Acadian people, whose cypress cabins and houseboats and pirogues along Bayou Teche were shrouded in mist in the predawn hours, and the only sounds were fish flopping in the lily ponds.
On the Bayou Teche, a Cajun stronghold still today, Evangeline finds Gabriel's father, Basil, newly assimilated to lower Louisiana's eclectic culture.
Bayou Pipe Coating is the flagship of the Bayou Companies that began business in the early 1940's on the banks of the Bayou Teche and is presently located at the port of Iberia in Louisiana.