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(baɪˈræm; ˈbaɪræm)
(Islam) either of two Muslim festivals, one (Lesser Bairam) falling at the end of Ramadan, the other (Greater Bairam) 70 days later at the end of the Islamic year
[from Turkish bayrām]


(baɪˈrɑm, ˈbaɪ rɑm)

2. a fast day after Ramadan.
[1590–1600; < Turkish bayram literally, festival, ultimately < Iranian]
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Only once in recent years was Bayram declared a school holiday, during the 2009-2010 school year.
Laudrup's agent Bayram Tutumlu said afterwards the Dane had been very impressed by Williams.
Akcaabat's Ogun Temizkanoglu, and Bayram Toysal and Metin Aktas, who both play for Kayserispor, were banned for a year.
German Bayram Cinci, 31, of Turkish origin, denies raping a 26-year-old Swedish tourist in Backpackers Hostel in Oban last year
He'll face France's Hussein Bayram in the second round.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A French friend of mine recently asked, "Will the violence go on even through bayram [religious festival]?
AROUND 1,000 Turkish Cypriots will visit the Hala Sultan Tekke at the Larnaca Salt Lake on Monday, the first day of Bayram.
Despite an unsettling row last summer, agent Bayram Tutumlu was quoted as saying: "Michael Laudrup is very happy at Swansea.
Demiri, who together with analyst Imer Ismaili, took part in a show on TV Alsat, compared this "offensive" with the visits that are realized during the Bayram holiday.
A dispute between Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins and the Dane's representative Bayram Tutumlu has disrupted summer transfer plans and led to fears Laudrup will leave the Liberty Stadium.
Friction between chairman Huw Jenkins, and Laudrup and his agent Bayram Tutumlu, is understood to centre around how much the Swans are prepared to splash on signings, and there have been suggestions the Dane could leave the Liberty Stadium.