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(baɪˈræm; ˈbaɪræm)
(Islam) either of two Muslim festivals, one (Lesser Bairam) falling at the end of Ramadan, the other (Greater Bairam) 70 days later at the end of the Islamic year
[from Turkish bayrām]


(baɪˈrɑm, ˈbaɪ rɑm)

2. a fast day after Ramadan.
[1590–1600; < Turkish bayram literally, festival, ultimately < Iranian]
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In a country that has had enough bloodshed, entrepreneurs look at entrepreneurship as the only way to keep their dreams alive and restore their hopes of a better future," Bayram told Arab News.
Bayram Yilmaz, the governor for the Aliaga district in Izmir province, western Turkey, said that the blast occurred during work on a naphtha gas tank that had been out of use for a long time and confirmed that the explosion was an accident caused by gas pressure in a boiler.
The explosion at the Tupras oil refinery in the Izmir region was an "industrial accident, there was no external interference or attack", said Bayram Yilmaz, the senior local official in the area, Anadolu reported.
Under a strong police presence, around 700 Muslim pilgrims from the north crossed to the south of the island on Tuesday morning to pray at the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque in Larnaca to mark the end of Kurban Bayram.
The widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles will require some complex interfacing between the two already established systems of the electric grid and transportation, say Bayram and Tajer.
Synopsis: The collaborative effort of Islam Safak Bayram (Assistant Professor at the Division of Sustainability at the College of Science and Engineering and a scientist at Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute both at Hamad Bin Khalifa University) and Ali Tajer (Assistant Professor of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), "Plug-in Electric Vehicle Grid Integration" is authoritative resource that provides a comprehensive introduction to plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and portrays a holistic overview of the challenges associated with the mainstream adoption of PEVs at three distinct layers pertinent to the technological, economic, and social aspects.
I don't know what they're thinking they're going to pull out of this pie," said Rebekah Bayram, a principal consulting actuary at the benefits consulting firm Milliman.
Fater the prayer, Davutoy-lu and his spouse Sare Davutoy-lu paid visit to shopkeepers in Hacy Bayram neighborhood.
The pilgrimage marks the Muslim feast of Eid Al Adha or Kurban Bayram and is taking place at the request of Archbishop Chrysostomos II on behalf of the Mufti of Cyprus Prof.
In two other relatively recent surveys, Gnaphosa opaca Hermann, Gnaphosa microps Holm, Zelotes aurantiacus Miller and Cicurina cicur (Fabricius) were recorded in Turkey for the first time by Bayram et al.
However, Laudrup is in charge at Qatari champions Lekhwiya and his representative Bayram Tutumlu indicated there would be several hurdles to overcome before the 50-year-old could be lined up for a move back to England.
But Liz Bayram, chief executive of childcare association PACEY said most nurseries and childminders are already teaching young children important values like respect and tolerance, which are required as part of the early years curriculum.