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 (bī-roit′, bī′roit)
A city of east-central Germany northeast of Nuremberg. Richard Wagner lived here from 1872 to 1883 and designed the opera house used chiefly for performances of his works.


(German baiˈrɔyt)
(Placename) a city in E Germany, in NE Bavaria: home and burial place of Richard Wagner; annual festivals of his music. Pop: 74 818 (2003 est)


(ˈbaɪ rɔɪt, baɪˈrɔɪt)

a city in NE Bavaria, in SE Germany: annual music festivals founded by Richard Wagner. 71,848.
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They had met her in Vienna, Bayreuth, and Florence, and were grateful to find her again at Claridge's, for she commanded situations, and knew where prescriptions are most carefully made up.
Contract notice: University of bayreuth, zmw zet, new tao - laboratory hardware - 15e0534.
An interdisciplinary group of researchers from the Universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) report in Nature on nanofibers, which enable for the first time a directed energy transport over several micrometers at room temperature.
Though billeted near Bamburg, about half an hour away by car, Ryan was back in Bayreuth to sing Siegfried in the second cycle of Frank Castorfs production of Der Ring des Nibeltingen at the Festspielhaus, just a short walk up the Green Hill from LemoncE Less than a week earlier, the premiere had ended with director Castorf onstage facing down a vituperatively hostile audience for almost a quarter of an hour, and the critics then added their mostly negative voices in the media in the days following.
La chanceliere allemande Angela Merkel s'attirait des louanges de la presse nationale pour son sens de l'economie, apres avoir porte la veille au festival de Bayreuth la meme robe qu'il y a quatre ans.
Russian baritone Evgeny Nikitin has decided not to perform at the Bayreuth festival in Germany after it was discovered that he once had a swastika tattoo.
The Israel Chamber Orchestra's concert in Wagner's hometown alongside the annual Bayreuth opera festival on Tuesday will mark the first time an Israeli orchestra has played Wagner in Germany, Nicolaus Richter, the head of Bayreuth city's cultural affairs department, said Monday.
After travelling to Germany, Stephen takes in rehearsals at the composer's purposebuilt theatre in Wagner's home town, Bayreuth.
composer Richard Wagner famously said at the opening of the first-ever Bayreuth Festival in 1876.
What Professor Greer was doing was making a direct comparison between Stratford (home of Shakespeare) and Bayreuth in Bavaria (home of Wagner).
Winifred Wagner; a life at the heart of Hitler's Bayreuth.