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(bəˈzɪl yən)
Informal. an extremely large, indeterminate number.
[1985–90; ba-, expressive coinage + zillion; compare gazillion]
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We knew from the get-go, because different is better, that we weren't going to be as successful focusing our sales and marketing on the same market (typically Realtors[R]) as the other 9 bazillion lenders in the area did.
After a bazillion shoots, I have the experience needed to pull a lot of rabbits out of my hat (no, really, I once did a story with bunnies.
Milluzzo; stepchildren Corey Bazillion and Brianna Plaud; his mother, Linda M.
Nothing like scrolling through a bazillion names and numbers just to get to the one you're searching for.
Jack Betterway, serial entrepreneur, who quit his widget-making job after designing the Betterway Widget Maker and selling it to Facebook for $1 bazillion
I was gonna say hi but you were sort of in your head getting ready to rock all those bazillion screamers," replied Norman.
As we stagger into the final ENDLESS stretch, I fantasise about picking the stupid model up and smashing it against the wall, back into the seventy bazillion pieces it started in.
I have tried a bazillion, and MopTop gives my hair control while keeping curls soft and natural feeling.
You can put a bazillion people in seats to sit there and watch what's going on in the network and try to do cyber recognition and figure out if this is a bad guy.
The pet food industry has spent a bazillion dollars creating the perfect treat or doggy biscuit.