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(bəˈzɪl yən)
Informal. an extremely large, indeterminate number.
[1985–90; ba-, expressive coinage + zillion; compare gazillion]
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There are a bazillion side quests and if you've got a specific armour set or weapon upgrade in mind, that's more specific hunts you're going to need to go on.
By next week, there'll be, like, a bazillion more of 'em.
I don't believe that we need 40, 60, 90 bazillion dollars," Valdez said.
we climbed out of the canyon, headlights on, stars above - a bazillion of them reminding me how alone we were down here.
Even the sale of top scorer Romelu Lukaku couldn't burst the Toffees' bubble although the PS75m fee they received seems like small change now that Neymar is off to PSG for a gazillion pounds plus another bazillion in add-ons.
As the cast was fitted on her, a thousand bazillion Kisses from everyone who loved Sammy came to nestle next to Sammy under the cast.
Actually one of the things I'm pleased about is that the preeminent business publisher in China bought my book, and they're expecting to sell a bazillion copies.
Social media makes it seem like everyone has a bazillion besties, but the average teen actually has just four to six good friends.
And we had to do all that stuff out of complete necessity because she was working a bazillion hours a week to support three kids on her own.
Classroom teaching aids that Dog employed consisted solely of a whiteboard and an overhead projector with about a bazillion hand-drawn slides.
This is an asset sale of a travel business targeting Bazillion tourist who wish to vacation in Florida.
Are there a gazillion or a bazillion fun things to do with friends?