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(bəˈzɪl yən)
Informal. an extremely large, indeterminate number.
[1985–90; ba-, expressive coinage + zillion; compare gazillion]
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After watching The Crown I do have new respect for the Queen, but come on, at this point we've seen her do everything a bazillion times, and she's unlikely to get a new storyline at this stage, so I'm out.
Anyway media has been calling several times these past days and also a bazillion people from around the world so I decided it would be time efficient to talk to the media today.
The final "reveal" of those powers fiery Mohawk and all is worthwhile, even after we've seen a bazillion other Marvel reveals.
After finally sewing a bazillion basic wardrobe items--hello, jeans and t-shirts!--I'm ready to create some one-of-a-kind items.
The caseworker is required to stop by every six months to make sure my friend's son still qualifies for services, services that were initially started based on the score of an IQ test created by a neurotypical, verbal human a bazillion years ago.
According to them, city government should take an action against those who violate the law by keeping cattle and other livestock in the residential localities as it spreads bazillion health hazards in the local population.
And character creation, despite offering a bazillion customisation features, just doesn't match up to existing superstars and could use more work.
The tiny animal made 'a bazillion calls' from a Hawaiian hospital phone on Friday, causing panic to people receiving the calls.
Not a bazillion pounds, but you know, they did it right, they did it nice.
For anyone who has done a bazillion things at work and a bazillion and one things at home.
"My lab has found that this measure beats the pants off I.Q., SAT scores, physical fitness and a bazillion other measures to help us know in advance which individuals will be successful in some situations," she said.
"By next week, there'll be, like, a bazillion more of 'em."