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IT WAS all motorbikes and bazookas for Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman as she filmed scenes for the next series of Doctor Who at the seaside yesterday.
Elsewhere, Thornaby Aerodrome Club secured a 3-1 win at home to Eaglescliffe Bazookas with two goals from substitute Daniel Pearce and one goal for Arron Butta, while in the first division, Storytellers United edged Hartburn by the odd goal in five.
Her only previous mention of it came in a 2011 interview with Vogue when she said: "No torpedo bazookas, either.
She's just been brainwashed into believing, like too many others, that unless you have a pair of artificial bazookas sticking out your chest, you don't matter.
Technology club teacher Caroline Alliston has published a book that contains 30 of her favourite design-and-make projects--including how to build a balloon-powered hovercraft, pop and bottle rockets and bazookas. For each project there's a list of materials and clear instructions.
VICTORIA Beckham has let slip to Vogue magazine she's had her DD breast implants removed: "No torpedo bazookas, either.
Thirdly, if criminals served en masse, they'd learn where machine-guns, bazookas and grenades etc were kept and routines about how guns etc are moved between bases and would tell criminal colleagues looking to burgle bases or hijack shipments etc to commit crime with.
I vividly recall David Bairstow bemoaning the fact that other counties had bazookas (Garner, Hadlee, Kapil Dev etc) to our peashooters.
Mrs B, with her unfeasibly skinny frame and unfeasibly big bazookas, embraced her role as a figure of ridicule with great enthusiasm - but ultimately fell flat on her face (or, possibly, bazookas).
But they're currently more over-exposed than Nadia's bogus bazookas.
The author of Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly follows up with another set of fun yet informative science demonstrations.
Northern Alliance forces have found more than 5,000 small arms, bazookas and other light weapons in three Kabul houses that have reportedly been abandoned by the al-Qaida network after the fall of Kabul.