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 (bo͝o-zo͞o′kē, bə-)
n. pl. bou·zou·kis
A Greek stringed instrument having a long fretted neck and usually pear-shaped body.

[Modern Greek mpouzoúki, from Turkish bozuk (saz), a kind of saz (literally, "broken saz"), from bozuk, broken (probably in reference to bozuk düzen, broken tuning, a kind of reentrant tuning often used on the saz and bouzouki); akin to Old Turkic buzuk, destroyed, spoiled, from buzmaq, to destroy, spoil.]


(Instruments) a Greek long-necked stringed musical instrument related to the mandolin
[C20: from Modern Greek mpouzouki, perhaps from Turkish büjük large]


(bʊˈzu ki)

n., pl. -kis.
a long-necked, fretted lute of modern Greece.
[1950–55; < Modern Greek mpouzoúki, of uncertain orig.]
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The trio perform English and European folk and dance music from the 12th century onwards, on a variety of period style instruments, including the fiddle, hurdy gurdy, mandolin, bazooki, Breton pipes and crumhorn .
Howard was an accomplished musician; he played guitar, mandolin, bazooki, and dobro.
I'd also earn currency by playing guitar and bazooki. "We even formed a band out of our LETS scheme called The Border Boys.