Beach comber

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Beach´ comb`er

1.A long, curling wave rolling in from the ocean. See Comber.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Exciting new complex tastes includes Chef's Signature receipes like Algouin Embottela, Hernan, Berry frosty, Coco Colada, Cosquito, Peach Blush, Beach Comber Cooler & Heart of Fire .
You see, they were as fascinated as me and that was 1,000 years ago!" But his fears of sounding like a professional beach comber seem a worthy sacrifice to make when held up against his success and the quality of life he and Margaret have now.
Apart from its four restaurants u Caf Kranzler, Hai Tao, Sabella's and the award-winning Bukhara u food is also served at the Caf on First, the Beach Comber, World Cup Sports Bar, Entertainment Lounge and the Cosmic Bowling Centre.
If you have a lot for catching up to do, invite your mother for a delicious Dinner under the Stars at the hotel's fabulous seaside dining destination Beach Comber. A sumptuous 4-course meal, a welcome drink to toast the occasion, and hours to discuss anything and everything besides, for AED 235 per person, from 6:30 until 11 pm.
It's just been reasonable." Jackie Harries, who runs The Beach Comber gift shop in Paget Road, Barry, believes the lack of trains running to the resort had affected trade..
YOU didn't need to be the sharpest eyed beach comber to spot this beast washed up on the surf.
Collecting seashells is a favorite past time of any beach comber, and identifying them is a learning experience.
The main groups involved in the hotel trade are Sun International and Beach Comber (controlled by Mauritians, including the sugar company Spitalier Noel).
The guests dining at Level 2 will be given a chance to toss up a coin; where in, the winner can enjoy a complimentary summer drink / mocktail along-with their meal from the variety of refreshing drinks including Mango Sparkle, Lemon Sunrise Cooler, Beach Comber Cooler, etc.
Left, Ulrika in London; BEACH COMBER: Sven takes time out to explore
Other benefits also include a 15% discount on the food bills at the hotels renowned dining destinations Bukhara, Hai Tao, CafE[umlaut] Kranzler, Beach Comber, Pool Bar, and CafE[umlaut] on First.
IF you feel that your fireplace looks forlorn in the summer, why not replace the logs or coals with an attractive beach comber arrangement (above).