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In [32], Beaconless Packet Forwarding Protocol (B-PFP) was proposed.
Geographical based routing exchanges Request-To-Send (RTS) and Clear-To-Send (CTS) for performing beaconless geo-routing [10].
In the testbed, the network operates in Beaconless mode and all nodes are powered by USB hub.
Measuring effective capacity of IEEE 802.15.4 beaconless mode.
Xie, "A position based beaconless routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks," in Proc.
proposed the link quality and geographical beaconless OR protocol for efficient video dissemination for mobile multimedia Internet of Things [17].
In order to solve the BSP, beaconless protocols for VANETs aiming at reducing the number of redundant broadcasts have been proposed in the literature [7,16-18].
However, this scheme mainly depends on the packet sending rate and beacon frame exchange for sharing the load information, which is not directly applicable to the beaconless WSNs.
The NVSP protocol is the only beaconless routing protocol that can discover long-living stable routes without significant increase in the hop count per path.
Ambivalence and paradox gradually penetrate, in Deleuzean fashion, nomadic, unfixed, borderless, beaconless, desert-like everyday experience (see also Bauman, 1991; 1993; 1995).
The existing work covers mainly queue management, beacon-enabled slotted CSMA/CA, and beaconless CSMA/CA protocols for low rate IEEE 802.15.4 networks.