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Noun1.beaked hazelnut - hazel of western United States with conspicuous beaklike involucres on the nuts
hazelnut, hazelnut tree, hazel - any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Corylus bearing edible nuts enclosed in a leafy husk
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(My later research would identify them as Labrador tea and beaked hazel scrub, but that day I called them names that wouldn't normally appear in a scientific journal.) Then the mosses and gray lichen on the slopes were so spongy and loose underfoot it felt like I was roller skating on a water bed.
Over 25 years ago hybrids of the native Beaked Hazel (C.
Moose used balsam fir, eastern hemlock, and red maple proportionally more than their availability, used sugar maple (Acer saccharum), yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis), and mountain ash (Sorbus americana) proportionally less than their availability, and used striped maple, beaked hazel (Corylus cornuta), and mountain maple (Acer spicatum) proportional to their availability.