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Noun1.dead axle - an axle that carries a wheel but without power to drive it
axle - a shaft on which a wheel rotates
axletree - a dead axle on a carriage or wagon that has terminal spindles on which the wheels revolve
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Front and rear suspension Front: live beam axle, coil springs, telescopic dampers.
While on the subject of the hatch and cargo, Hedrick points out that one of the things done for the new platform was to redesign the rear suspension (there is a coupled torsion beam axle and twin-tube shocks) so that there is minimal shock intrusion into the cargo area.
The previous hot Civic used a beam axle at the back, which is the cheap way to hang the wheels on the back of a front-wheel-drive car - but this Type R uses a much more sophisticated (and expensive) multi-link rear suspension that gives it brilliant handling.
It gets 5-spoke 16-inch alloy wheels, and gets the new rigid body with improved durability, reduced coefficient of drag for improved stability, McPherson strut front suspension, coupled torsion beam axle with vertical absorbers and hydraulic rebound control for enhanced ride comfort.
The Coupled Torsion Beam Axle rear suspension introduced in 2011 was a smart move, dialling out the understeer its predecessor had and was also more tunable than the old suspension.
Taking care of the Juke's sporty handling characteristics are independent MacPherson suspension struts at the front and a torsion beam axle for the rear suspension.
The 6-speed automatic transmission works wonderfully, as well as the rack and pinion steering system, the Macpherson struts and torsion beam axle balances the suspension system marvelously, straddling the line between soaking bumps and enough road feel to make you believe you are part of the car.
The Creta is more like a car to drive than a large bulky barge and even though the company has gone in for a rather ordinary twist- beam axle non- independent suspension at the rear, ride quality is decent for a vehicle of its bulk and height.
The 2008 combines superior torsional rigidity with the refinement and response of an independent front suspension, and a fine-tuned, space-saving torsion beam axle.
2 Fuel Tank Capacity (Litre) 50 GVW (Kg) 1755 1764 1787 Transmission 5-speed MT 5-speed MT 6-speed MT Brakes Front Disc Rear Drum Suspension Front Independent McPherson Strut with Coil Springs & Anti-roll Bar Rear Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Springs & Anti -roll Bar Steering Hydraulic Power Assisted Electro Hydraulic Power Assisted Tyres 215/65 R16 Tubeless Wheels R16 steel with full wheel Cover R16 steel R16 Machined Alloy