Beam center

(Mach.) the fulcrum or pin on which the working beam of an engine vibrates.

See also: Beam

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They were able to reach significant consensus radiating from beam center to "noticeable, distinct, strong and emphatic.
When the satellite moves in the orbit, the radar beam center line intersects with the Earth surface to form a group of points, known as targets.
After attitude steering has been applied, the beam center line direction will be quite different, and the Doppler parameters change significantly.
King Fahad Medical City Cancer and Proton Beam Center [Riyadh, Saudi Arabia] Dec 2015
Before the final azimuth SPECAN operation, the azimuth scaling phase function is multiplied to remove the azimuth varying beam center time.
Each pair of blades of the aperture open symmetrically about the beam center to restrict the beam size horizontally and vertically.
To demonstrate the accuracy of the obtained analytical results we also calculate the variation of nondimensional amplitude ratio versus [tau] for the beam center using fourth-order Runge-Kutta method.
The safety system that shuts off the charging beam centers on low-power, harmless laser "guard beams," which are emitted by another laser source co-located with the charging laser-beam and physically "surround" the charging beam.
23 proton beam centers are operating in the United States.