Beam center

(Mach.) the fulcrum or pin on which the working beam of an engine vibrates.

See also: Beam

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The CFRP sheets were pasted in the beam center of the SHS steel frame on the bottom or two vertical sides (beam web) as shown in Figs.
When R > 2.1mm, there is a sharp intensity modulation in the beam center that is surrounded by a circle of dark stripes.
The displacement of the left column was measured by an LVDT at the beam center. The average of displacement of the left and right column is defined as the lateral displacement A.
The affirmation assumes no further financial impact on or legal recourse to CentraState from the 2010 investment in a nearby proton beam center.
They were able to reach significant consensus radiating from beam center to "noticeable, distinct, strong and emphatic." Cuttle recommends this as a valuable tool for the lighting designer.
If relative displacement of the beam center point x = [q/[q.sub.s]] = [[lambda]/[[??].sub.o]]q is applied the velocity [dx/dt] = [+ or -][square root of 1 - [x.sup.2]] and therefore [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The Doppler centroid [f.sub.dc] of the beam center point along the orbit is given by the literature [7]:
When the satellite moves in the orbit, the radar beam center line intersects with the Earth surface to form a group of points, known as targets.
King Fahad Medical City Cancer and Proton Beam Center [Riyadh, Saudi Arabia] Dec 2015
Before the final azimuth SPECAN operation, the azimuth scaling phase function is multiplied to remove the azimuth varying beam center time.
Crack propagations from the beam ends towards the beam center and a transition from the truss action (in Unit LPrc-0.5c3) to the arch action (in SPrc-0.5a1) in the load-resisting mechanism could be observed as the span-to-depth ratio decreased.