Bear baiting

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the sport of baiting bears with dogs.

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Caption: DIY bear baiting can bring bears out during the day, offering hunters the perfect shot--or, in the case of this sow and her cubs, a fun afternoon of wildlife watching.
The bear baiting or bear-dog fighting is banned according to the Section 5 and Section 9 of the Islamabad Wildlife Ordinance, yet bears are captured and then sold away as the game is popular in remote villages and tribal areas of the country.
Brian Nathan-Partridge Stivichall It's time for us to show compassion THERE are times when we should just take a step back and rise above the bear baiting media and show some compassion.
In the first Parliament of Charles I, AD 1625, the Lords of the Council were extremely anxious to restrain bear baiting and bull baiting during the prevalence of 'the sickness' - a tolerably strong proof of the popularity of the brutal and degrading sport.
"By permitting bear baiting in grizzly country, both the Forest Service and state agencies in Wyoming and Idaho are sabotaging recovery efforts of grizzly bears," Molvar said.
It is as abhorrent, cruel and outdated as bear baiting or cock-fighting.
They further suggested that bear baiting in northern Wisconsin may have a positive effect on overall bear numbers.
In this country we stopped bear baiting 200 years ago.
The bear baiting case was turned over to ECO Matthew Baker for prosecution.
The Prime Minister wants a return to a barbaric pastime no different to bear baiting or dog fighting just to appease his wealthy chums.
When will TV companies stop "bear baiting the poor" and making a spectacle of ill-informed people in cheaply produced programmes like Jeremy Kyle and Benefits Street?