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Noun1.bear claw - almond-flavored yeast-raised pastry shaped in an irregular semicircle resembling a bear's claw
coffee roll, sweet roll - any of numerous yeast-raised sweet rolls with our without raisins or nuts or spices or a glaze
2.bear claw - an incised design resembling the claw of a bear; used in Native American pottery
pattern, design, figure - a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors"
3.bear claw - claw of a bearbear claw - claw of a bear; often used in jewelry
claw - sharp curved horny process on the toe of a bird or some mammals or reptiles
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A Choice Music Prize nomination for their debut single Different was followed by sold out shows and tours across Ireland, the UK and Europe, millions of streams online, and radio airplay across the world with their hit song Bear Claws.
Double hide thongs are strung with amber and cobalt beads, and 17 bear claws, length 38 in.
Undercover agents then purchased orangutan skulls, bear claws, a wild pig skull and other parts.
Monolithic solids, Bear Claws, and Partitions all work great on deer and carry the magical 1,000 ft.
Humble Bagel won't drop any of its products, and plans to add more pastries, such as cinnamon twists, bear claws and more muffins, Thomas said.
The main cylinder, equipped with more than 1,500 bear claws, shreds the fiber into uniform tufts, which are transported back into the production line by vacuum fans.
foraminosa Hiramatsu, 1979) (Hirschmann, 1989) but the new species does not bear claws on leg I.
2'W 1 Thickness of ice Number Incomplete holes (cm) (cm) Diameter hole (cm) 1 0 22 40 2 0 - - 3 0 - - 4 1 30 30 (27 deep) 5 0 60 45 6 1 45 50 (16 deep, 24 diameter) 7 0 43 85 x 50 8 1 23 27 (15 deep, 27 diameter) 9 0 50 45 x 55, 40 25 x 30 10 0 - - 11 0 51 34 x 40 12 0 16 42 13 0 38 51 x 59 14 0 75 70 x 45 Number Comments 1 bowed up sea ice, blood from bleeding bear claws, two frozen breathing holes inside, ceiling in cavern approx.
FORGOTTEN: Hungry bear claws at cage; STRUGGLING: A rare slow loris is no better off in sanctuary; WEAK: Orangutan and baby at centre
Excavations in York between 1976 and 1981 turned up bear claws used as necklaces or simple keepsakes and, of course, the most fearsome Viking warriors, the berserkers, dressed up as bears to frighten their enemies and believed they took the spirit and strength of the bear into battle with them.
Raffia, small colored feathers, pony beads, small plastic bear claws (optional) and various yarns