Beard grass

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(Bot.) a coarse, perennial grass of different species of the genus Andropogon.

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Leguminoseae; Glycine max)] and beard grass (Brachiaria brizantha) were used as a control.
Beard grass (Brachiaria brizantha; control) was harvested at 30 d of re-growth at the EMBRAPA Dairy Cattle Research Centre (Coronel Pacheco, MG, Brazil) located at 21[degrees] 35' S, 43[degrees] 15' W and 435 m above sea level.
Three rumen fistulated lactating Holstein-Zebu crossbred dairy cows were fed a diet consisting of beard grass forage supplemented with 2 kg of concentrate (22 g/kg CP and 12.
Substrates: The substrates used for in vitro incubations were beard grass (Brachiaria brizantha; control) or beard grass supplemented with oilseed press cake or glycerine (0.
Inoculum: Inoculum for the in vitro incubation was obtained from three ruminally fistulated cows grazing beard grass supplemented with 2 kg of concentrate (22 g/kg CP and 12.
01) for castor oilseed press cake when compared to other oilseed press cakes and beard grass (control).
Conversely, castor oilseed press cakes and beard grass had the highest undegradable residual pool whereas, SBM and cotton oilseed press cake had the lowest (p<0.
TROPICAL savanna grasses such as black spear grass (Heteropogon contortis), kangaroo grass (Therneda triandra) and golden beard grass (Chrysopogon fallax), have a different way of fixing C[O.
These alien grasses, such as the beard grass, Schizachyrium condensatum, now constitute 93 percent of the standing dead biomass in Hawaiian dry forests, D'Antonio says.