Bearing ring

Bear´ing ring`

1.In a balloon, the braced wooden ring attached to the suspension ropes at the bottom, functionally analogous to the keel of a ship.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Similarly any component having a hole in it like a bearing ring, cage, O-ring, washer etc can be stacked in this machine.
Symptoms of damage to a bearing ring from White Etching Cracks
Let us consider the measurement process of the diameter of a bearing ring as an example of a measurement that has a definition area of one interval.
Figure 11 shows the distribution of the displacement field (magnitude) of the shaft and the inner bearing ring. It can be compared with the displacement field without the shape features in Figure 4.
Metallic ball Edema/ [1] bearing ring discoloration Talib et al.
Abnormal operation will inevitably lead to an increase in temperature in the bearing, and this in turn can be caused by excessively light internal clearance on the bearing or 'creep' on the bearing ring. Using an excessively heavy load and improper centring of the mounting are other potential causes.
Just as I imagine the odd creatively-minded teacher might love the concept of ring-fencing a few hours a week to write books, so I cherish a few in which I can communicate with other actual human beings, have people ask my opinion and actually care about my answers, and stalk corridors, looking stern, bearing ring binders.
Gritty grease chews up the teeth on the hydraulic excavator's swing bearing ring gear.
The order, awarded by the Indian bearing manufacturer NEI Ltd, covers a complete system for taper roller bearing ring manufacturing, including handling, measuring equipment, super-finishing and grinding machines.
If one bearing ring is made loose on its shaft to accommodate thermal expansion, fretting corrosion and creep are likely to damage the shaft, making dismounting difficult and restricting axial freedom.
The felt bearing contacts the drum by means of a plastic bearing ring that is snapped into drum front opening.