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A style of vocal percussion associated with hip-hop in which sounds produced in the vocal tract are used to create funk rhythms.

[From beatbox, from a notion likening a vocal percussionist to a drum machine.]
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a form of hip-hop music in which the voice is used to simulate percussion instruments
ˈbeatˌboxer n
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Flash coined the term beat boxing and had a piece of equipment called a "beat box".
Beatbox boss James Murphy said: "Unlike the Donald we like to make everyone feel welcome here at Beat Box and cater for everyone's unique fitness requirements.
The girls will be joined on the programme by Welsh star of West End production Phantom of the Opera Luke McCall and a Denbighshire Schools collective led by Welsh Beat box champion, Mr Phormula.
The street art and break dance festival will opefully be followed by a MC and Beat Box festival.
The festival brings together a unique mix of artists for the first time, including Asfalt Band, Adham Soliman as a guest, Amir Youssef, Rasha al-Sharnoubi, DJ Dekka and the beat box star Hatem Moustafa.
Tripod band is comprised of Glenn Wagas Sugarol as lead singer and beat box performer.
The inaugural festival will also feature 20 food trucks, along with local DJs and bands, including Casper, Jessica and Band, and Beat Box Ray.
You could play a rhythm on a drum and he'd duplicate it, or you could do a beat box with your mouth and he'll duplicate it."
Ages four and upwards can enjoy everything from craft sessions in the Children's Library meeting room, to pirate storytelling on The Story Steps and Treasure Island drama workshops in the Beat Box.
Consumers can create theirown playlist as well as eliminate the interval between songs by adding exciting beat box effect between songs.
There will be live bands and DJs throughout the day with a beat box demo from Mr Noizee.