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Beau·jo·lais 1

A hilly region of east-central France west of the Saône River between Mâcon and Lyon. It is noted for its wine.

Beau·jo·lais 2

A light red table wine made from the gamay grape.

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(Brewing) (sometimes capital) a popular fresh-tasting red or white wine from southern Burgundy in France


(ˌboʊ ʒəˈleɪ)

n., pl. -laises (-ˈleɪz)
1. a winegrowing region in E France.
2. a red wine of this region.
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Noun1.Beaujolais - dry fruity light red wine drunk within a few months after it is madeBeaujolais - dry fruity light red wine drunk within a few months after it is made; from the Beaujolais district in southeastern France
red wine - wine having a red color derived from skins of dark-colored grapes
Burgundy wine, Burgundy - red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)
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00 Down Royal One of the ten appellation areas in the Beaujolais wine region in France, Moulin-a-Vent is named after the 300-year-old windmill in the area.
Crossed polarizing filters create the rainbow colors seen in these crystals from Beaujolais wine.
Almost 140 wine estates or domains dot the Beaujolais Wine Route.
Store managers have been invited to join wine buyers at master classes on "misrepresented" Beaujolais wine.
The magazine cited Francois Mauss, head of the Grand Jury of European Tasters, who said that much of Beaujolais wine was "not proper wine" and that its producers were "conscious of commercializing a vin de merde" (a crappy wine).
Locals jokingly claim Lyon has a third river - Beaujolais wine.
Ambrosia Restaurant and Bar - Celebrate the harvest by tasting Nouveau Beaujolais wine from France on the first day of its release.
Beaujolais wine is associated with which month of the year?
Beaujolais Wine Indulge in a classic French wine with Discover Beaujolais.
Celebrate with The Rams Head Denshaw on Thurs 21st Nov with 5 classic French dishes & a large glass of 2013 Beaujolais wine for only PS24.
Over the past five years the race to get the first English asparagus in store has been viewed by farmers as similar to the Beaujolais wine run in which British vintners race to France to bring back the first bottles," said Simon Dryell, Tesco's senior buying manager for the Midlands.