n.1.The black and white standard of the Knights Templars.
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She was the majority member of the Pawtucket Assembly Order of the Rainbow for Girls and a member of the Natick Chapter of the Order of the Beauseant.
Autour de Rastignac, tout semble contredire sa purete: n'est-ce pas l'une des plus grandes dames de Paris, Mme de Beauseant qui revele au jeune homme le secret des reussites rapides et grandioses: calculer froidement, cacher tout sentiment vrai, se pousser sans pitie.
Il interpelle la vicomtesse de Beauseant, en l'appelant cousine, et s'attire un impertinent regard.
Gaston de Nueil is attracted to Madame de Beauseant after hearing the story of her love affair with Ajuda-Pinto; ...
Le Pere Goriot did nothing so much as to illustrate the calamity, the tragedy that results when characters cannot unite love with money: calamities that make tragic victims of Victorine Taillefer, Vautrin, Mme de Beauseant, Goriot, Delphine, and Anastasie, and against which, famously, Rastignac announces his struggle.
Meeting her at a ball given by his distant relative, Madame de Beauseant, Eugene de Rastignac immediately falls in love with Anastasie.
A l'instar des hommes, les femmes dissimulent et, dans ce domaine, la parite n'est pas respectee, car d'apres Anne-Marie Baron, "les femmes sont, dans l'univers balzacien, les specialistes du mensonge" (153) Et, s'il est vrai que certains gestes sont plus masculins ou plus feminins, tel n'est pas le cas pour l'effleurement du nez comme l'illustre Madame de Beauseant dans La Femme abandonnee.
Laforgue shows that this passionate love story embodies, damningly, historical reality at several levels, not least of all in the way Balzac revalorizes historical legends or traditions--the value of the house of Burgundy here--in characterizing one of his most distinctive female characters, the abandoned Madame de Beauseant, well-know from Le Pere Goriot.
She also demonstrates the metaphorical link between the final abandonment of Madame de Beauseant and the definitive exile of Charles X.
Atone point Balzac says of Mme de Beauseant that she evaluated Rastignac with a "coup d'oeil d'huissier-priseur" (109).