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The study or art of cosmetics and their use.

[French cosmétologie : cosmétique, cosmetic; see cosmetic + -logie, -logy.]

cos′me·tol′o·gist n.


(Hairdressing & Grooming) the work of beauty therapists, including hairdressing, facials, manicures, etc


(ˌkɒz mɪˈtɒl ə dʒi)

the art or profession of applying cosmetics.
[1850–55; < French cosmétologie; see cosmetic, -o-, -logy]
cos`me•to•log′i•cal (-tlˈɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
cos`me•tol′o•gist, n.


the art or practice of the beautification of the skin, hair, or nails. — cosmetologist, n.cosmetological, adj.
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Noun1.cosmetology - the practice of beautifying the face and hair and skin
practice - the exercise of a profession; "the practice of the law"; "I took over his practice when he retired"


nKosmetologie f
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