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 (bē′vər-bro͝ok′), First Baron Originally William Maxwell Aitken. 1879-1964.
Canadian-born British publisher, financier, and politician. He founded his press empire on the Daily Express (1916) and the Evening Standard (1923), held many cabinet positions during the 1940s, and was a confidant of Winston Churchill.


(Biography) 1st Baron, title of William Maxwell Aitken. 1879–1964, British newspaper proprietor and Conservative politician, born in Canada, whose newspapers included the Daily Express; minister of information (1918); minister of aircraft production (1940–41)


(ˈbi vərˌbrʊk)

William Maxwell Aitken, Lord (1st Baron), 1879–1964, English publisher, born in Canada.
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Noun1.Beaverbrook - British newspaper publisher and politician (born in Canada); confidant of Winston Churchill (1879-1964)
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Thanks to an investment from the Government of Canada, Fredericton families and visitors alike will benefit from new public programming, larger travelling exhibits and improved accessibility at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
Those colts were owned by Lady Beaverbrook, Maktoum Al Maktoum and Wafic Said.
an Officer arrived from Prince of Wales asking me to ascertain if Lord Beaverbrook, (21) who left England by aeroplane for Gander on Sunday night, had arrived there and when he would reach Prince of Wales.
The 2015 exhibition sites are the Fireball Theatre, Gananoque, Ontario; the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick; and the Galerie d'art Desjardins, Drummondville, Quebec.
The Hugo Palmertrained colt build on that with a decent fourth to Birchwood in a Newmarket Group 2, with today's rival Beaverbrook in his wake.
My great-grandfather was the press baron Lord Beaverbrook.
There had been tension between Waugh and the Beaverbrook press since the summer of 1953.
Which publication, dating from 1760, charts Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Cyprus; 2 Pickwick; 3 Extreme; 4 Danish; 5 Hampshire; 6 Bertrand Russell; 7 The parrot family; 8 Lloyd's Register; 9 Shergar; 10 Lord Beaverbrook.
The press baron Lord Beaverbrook was not an attractive physical specimen but he certainly had pulling power and many glamorous, beautiful woman loved him only to be destroyed by him.
According to The Independent, the Beaverbrook Golf Club would have been the 141st course in the county, where Murray lives with his girlfriend Kim Sears, but a High Court judge quashed the planning permission granted to developers Longshot Ltd.
Both of them would have studied together in Lord Beaverbrook School.
Having read the book, I can understand the anger of Enoch Powell's widow, although I feel the family of Lord Beaverbrook has greater cause for concern.