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 (bĕk′män), Max 1884-1950.
German artist noted for his brutal, often grotesque figurative prints and canvases, such as Night (1919).


(German ˈbɛkman)
1. (Biography) Ernst Otto (ɛrnst ˈɔːto). 1853–1923, German chemist: devised the Beckmann thermometer, used for measuring small temperature changes in liquids
2. (Biography) Max (maks). 1884–1950, German expressionist painter


(ˈbɛk mɑn)

Max, 1884–1950, German painter.
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William Beckmann of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Batavia.
Beckmann is counted among one of the towering figures of 20th-century expressionism in Germany and Austria.
The consultancy currently owns no shares or instruments convertible into shares, and neither the consultancy nor Markus Beckmann has any other direct or indirect interest in the Company.
Sophisticated, skeptical, and internationally rounded, Beckmann was shaken by World War I, the contemporary economic crises, and the rise of Fascism and Nazism.
Anyone wishing to receive caravan information can contact PCSO Iona Beckmann on 07854400606 or by e-mailing Iona.
The Beckmann Quarry, owned and operated by Martin Marietta Materials, celebrated a milestone of reaching two million consecutively logged employee hours without a reportable incident or incident of lost time.
Networking vendor, Brocade has announced the promotion of its principal architect, Curt Beckmann, to the role of chief technology officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
We are investing in the US [ ] With such a huge difference in energy prices, the decision is clear that the money is now going there," Claus Beckmann, lead manager for environment, energy and governmental relations at BASF SE, said during a press briefing at the company's Brussels office.
An interview with Beckmann on Germany's energy transition will be published in Europolitics 4818.
Dr Beckmann, whoever you are, you have resuscitated about half my wardrobe.
According to the Daily Herald, David Beckmann was billed at the DuPage County jail on Wednesday on separate allegations of battery and attempted indecent solicitation of a child, the New York Daily News reported.