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His measly PS2.8billion over three years is a smack in the face with a bed pan.
If he had turned up at the birth, I would probably have clocked him with a bed pan.
I also observed buzzers not being answered when a patient needed a bed pan, resulting in the patient soiling herself.
A woman also reported discovering her elderly mother lying sprawled on the floor after falling off a bed pan as she tried to get comfortable because nurses ignored her bell call.
White says his cap card should be "what you'd consider a Class I no-brainer" - a device that, like a tongue depressor or bed pan, poses no threat to the health of the patient or doctor if used as intended.
In fact, I turned down a bed pan and made sure I walked to the toilet on my own - and timed myself, so I could keep breaking my record.
He shows the intransigence and arrogance of a gaffe-prone Tory who couldn't empty a bed pan without spilling the contents, and demonstrates time after time that he's unfit to end the walkouts or run the NHS properly.
She also posted a photo of a person sitting on a bed pan at the hospice on her profile, which she believed was restricted to just her 380 Facebook friends but was accessible to other users of the site.
On one occasion I asked if a bed pan could be brought for her because she was too unwell to get to the toilet, and in the end had to get one myself and struggle unaided to lift her on to it.
If it happened to me I'd want Hattie Jacques in charge of my bed pan rather than David Brent.
As well as living on incapacity and housing benefit, Mason relies on NHS carers to cook his food, wash and dress him, change his bed pan and ensure he does not develop deep-vein thrombosis.