Bed rock

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Bed´ rock´

1.(Mining) The solid rock underlying superficial formations. Also Fig.
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Nor was this difficult, as she was soon to learn, for it rapidly became evident that beneath the uncouth savagery of the girl was a bed rock of innate refinement--a nicety of taste and predilection that quite equaled that of her instructor.
Provide alternative for post footing if rock bolts are requried to fit post to bed rock and,
While on the detachment zone, the rock fall mass separated from the bed rock, moved down hill and gathered at the bottom of the ridge.
Cardiff have moved quickly to make sure their defence is a bed rock of their promotion bid next season with a new deal for Lee Peltier and rejecting a PS3m offer from Sheffield Wednesday for Sean Morrison.
Bed rock replicates a sharp decline in upper Rechna Doab where there was no bed rock found up to the depth of 460 meters in a well drilled in Sheikhupura (Aslam, 1997).
Height of the Dam will be 128 Ft above Bed Rock and Crest Length 839 Ft.
Height of the Dam will be 97 Ft above Bed Rock and crest length 1325 Ft.
The area behind the wall has been dredged to bed rock to allow for virgin materials to be deposited.
As shown by previous studies tectonic deformations in the Ksiaz Massif occur as displacements of individual rock blocks along the faults surfaces, tilts of the bed rock and deformations of the object.
This is a hammer blow for the nationalist who argued that a yes vote is risk free and that a yes vote will allow Alex Salmond to build his new utopia with no currency, when in reality many hugely important businesses who are the bed rock of the Scottish economy have made it clear that they will leave Scotland and relocated to England, no wonder the yes camps is looking less credible, as the reality hits home.
The maximum mean density and porosity of the bed rock were observed at Kivioli mine.
He added: "We have made it very plain that we see a successful Academy as the bed rock of all we are doing going forward.