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Noun1.bed sheet - bed linen consisting of a large rectangular piece of cotton or linen clothbed sheet - bed linen consisting of a large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth; used in pairs
bed linen - linen or cotton articles for a bed (as sheets and pillowcases)
contour sheet, fitted sheet - a sheet (usually with elastic edges) tailored to fit a particular mattress
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3 billion dollar bed sheet industry will offer bed sheets fit for kings, queens and those who want to live like royalty, albeit at discount prices.
Jessica, who stars in the MTV reality show, shocked hubby Nick when he saw a $1,400 price tag on a set of bed sheets.
RIP the bed sheets off and get knotting,Dave and Huey preside over a Roman Orgy at Garlands at The State tomorrow night.
The bed sheets and pillow cases are sold directly to consumers through their website http://comforttherapy.
Pastoureau has made an extensive study of the history of striped fabric, explaining that it wasn't until 1860 that manufacturers even dared to make striped bed sheets, but by the end of World War I they were a popular alternative to plain white.
to produce 100 percent knit cotton bed sheets under the Karen Neuburger Bedding name.
10 Mosquito net 2) Bed side screen 3) Blanket 4) Bed sheets 5) Pillow case etc.
over bed sheets that Pendleton alleged violated its rights in the PENDLETON and Teepee Logo trademarks.
ONE in 10 men never washes his bed sheets, according to a survey yesterday.
B) Washing bluing pressing delivery & collection of bed sheets pillow cover curtains quilt cover and paper bags for packing of two bed sheets & one pillow cover and dry cleaning of blankets Running Room Udhampur (As per Annexure-II).