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(European Myth & Legend) Sir Bedivere (in Arthurian legend) a knight who took the dying King Arthur to the barge in which he was carried to Avalon


(ˈbɛd əˌvɪər)

Sir,the knight who brought the dying King Arthur to the barge that bore him to the Isle of Avalon.
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Roles: King Arthur (ages 30s to 60s), Sir Robin (30s to 40s), Lancelot (30s to 40s), Patsy (40s to 60s), Galahad (30s), Bedevere (20s to 40s), the Lady of the Lake (20s to 40s) and an ensemble of 12 to 16 men and women.
The Knights of the Round Table, Galahad Robin, Lancelot Bedevere, are brilliantly silly and funny and each have their own well-deserved showpiece song.
Other members of the cast of The Media Theatre's Spamalot are Dan Schiff as King Arthur, David Jack as Patsy, Patrick Ludt as Robin, Will Harrell as Lancelot, Tim Haney as Bedevere, Jay Poff as Galahad, and Harrison Post as Prince Herbert.
Sir Bedevere (c Dansili - Miss Ivanhoe) is a big, strong colt who has done everything very easily and will run in a 7f maiden in July.
Location Jones played Sir Bedevere, Prince Herbert and Dennis's Mother in the film.
Him Sir Bedevere Remorsefully regarded through his tears, And would have spoken, but he found not words, Then took with care, and kneeling on one knee, O'er both his shoulders drew the languid hands, And rising bore him through the place of tombs.
Tennyson kept the narrative strand of the tale as it is in Book XXI, Chapter 5 of Malory, although he made one significant change in that Malory's Arthur is buried and Bedevere spends the rest of his life as a monk praying for the King's soul.
Sir Bedevere asks King Arthur, with arrogance of the knowledge of knowing all things.
When he returns to Arthur, the king asks him what happened to the sword, and Bedevere lies to him.
King Arthur (Graham Chapman) and his knights of the Round Table - Sir Bedevere (Terry Jones), Sir Galahad The Pure (Michael Palin), Sir Lancelot The Brave (John Cleese) and Sir Robin The-Not-Quite-So- Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot (Eric Idle) - embark on an epic quest in search of the elusive Grail.